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Infertility Specialist

John Paul    Roberts, MD, FACOG -  - OBGYN

John Paul Roberts, MD, FACOG

OBGYN located in Plano, TX

Dr. John Paul Roberts and his staff offer patients who live in and around the greater Plano, Texas area comprehensive reproductive health care, including the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. He’s well-versed in the causes of infertility and works with his patients to create accurate and complete treatment plans. Dr. Roberts encourages patients throughout his service area to visit his office if they have any questions or concerns about infertility or other reproductive health care issues.

Infertility Q & A

How is infertility determined?

It depends on how long a couple has unsuccessfully tried to conceive a child. The common rule of thumb when it comes to determining whether or not a couple is infertile is the number of consecutive months in which the attempts were made. In most cases, Dr. Roberts and his peers consider 12 consecutive months a viable number to determine whether or not a couple may be experiencing fertility issues. If one full year goes by without conception, Dr. Roberts makes an infertility diagnosis and develops an effective treatment plan for the couple.

What are common treatment options for women who are infertile?

If the fertility issue lies with the woman, Dr. Roberts has several treatment options that can help correct the situation. Hormone imbalances that prevent the ovaries from releasing an egg or allowing it to attach securely to the uterine wall, can corrected with hormone replacement therapy. If the cause of the problem has to do with the inability of the egg to be properly fertilized, Dr. Roberts can recommend in vitro fertilization or similar techniques that will allow an embryo to be created and then replaced into the uterus, where it can fully develop.

What causes infertility?

Female infertility can have several causes. One of the most common is a hormone imbalance in which the body produces either too much or too little estrogen. When this occurs, the ovaries can’t release their eggs or attach them securely to the uterine wall.

Infertility can also be caused by being over or underweight. A woman's weight has a direct impact on her hormone levels and can cause the body to function inefficiently.

An excessive number of abdominal surgeries or procedures may also have an impact on how easily a woman can conceive. Excessive amounts of scar tissue from surgical procedures and health conditions like endometriosis, cysts, or fibroids make it difficult for the egg to reach its destination.

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