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Mammogram Specialist

John Paul    Roberts, MD, FACOG -  - OBGYN

John Paul Roberts, MD, FACOG

OBGYN located in Plano, TX

Dr. John Paul Roberts has a wide variety of diagnostic tools that help him provide preventive care to his patients. That includes in-office mammograms and other types of testing that can detect many health issues while they’re still in the earliest stages of formation. Dr. Roberts encourages female patients throughout the state of Texas -- including those living in or near the Plano, Texas area -- to receive mammograms on a regular basis to help reduce their risk of breast cancer.

Mammogram Q & A

How often should a woman receive a mammogram?

Dr. Roberts recommends that his female patients receive regular mammograms to protect themselves against advanced stages of breast cancer. Mammograms are an example of preventative health care that allows doctors to find even the smallest of tumors or cysts that can eventually turn into cancer. Dr. Roberts performs mammograms in his office for added convenience and can be scheduled at the same time as the patient's yearly gynecological examination.

The entire test takes less than 20 minutes, no preparation time is needed, and the patient will experience no after effects. When used in conjunction with self-breast exams, mammograms are extremely effective at helping to control breast cancer risks.

Can mammograms be performed in-office?

In the past, patients normally would have to go to a third-party location, such as hospital or radiology facility, to have a mammogram performed. Today's technological advancements, however, make it possible for Dr. Roberts to perform these preventive tests for his patients in-office.

Dr. Roberts uses equipment that’s much smaller and compact than the standard tools used to perform mammograms. He has this type of equipment in his office so his patients have easy access to all of the preventive tests and diagnostic tools they need in one convenient location. Being able to perform the procedure in his office gives the patient the convenience of visiting one location for all of her reproductive health care needs instead of several.

Are mammograms effective?

Mammograms are extremely effective at locating even the smallest of tumors or cysts that may hide in a patient's breast tissue. Although they’re extremely effective, they’re not the only course of action that should be taken when trying to prevent or reduce the risk of breast cancer. While mammograms are performed on a yearly basis and provide accurate information about what’s in the breast tissue, it’s extremely important that female patients continue performing monthly self-breast examinations the rest of the year. If a lump is detected at any time, the patient should immediately contact Dr. Roberts for an examination to determine the cause of the abnormality.

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